MEC haul for Saturday 24 September

I won’t lie.  I love MEC and I love spending money there.  Here’s a modest haul from my shopping trip this weekend:


MEC Haul, 24 September 2011

MEC Turbo Turtle LED Rear Light.   I like that these are cheap, because apparently I destroy bicycle lights.

Specialized Big Mouth 620ml Cycling Water Bottle.  Actually, I needed a water bottle to replace the one that came with my Nathan Quickdraw (I have it in green).  So off I went to MEC to wiggle water bottles into it to make sure something fit.  I hope I like this bottle as well as the one that came with the Nathan system in the first place.

“Trails of Halifax Regional Municipality” by Michael Haynes.  (Sorry no link to buy at MEC, couldn’t find it online on their website- figured Mr. Haynes website would be a fine stand-in) When I first started running, I spent a lot of time on the Salt Marsh trail with the Salt Marsh Trail Running Club.  My life has changed and it’s no longer possible for me to join then on Saturdays, and I’m now hanging out with the Heart & Sole club, who mostly does road running.  I’d like to spend more time on trails though- I had no idea there were enough trails in Halifax to write a book 160 pages long.  Can’t wait to spend more time on trails, either on foot or on my bicycle.  The Dartmouth Waterfront Trail is lovely for commuting, but doesn’t feel that trail-ish.

Not Pictured: Registration Fee for Inaugural MEC Annual Trail Run in November.  I signed up for the 5K.  Why not put my money where my mouth is on my last point about wanting to spend more time on trails?  Have no idea if I’ll barefoot it or not (probably not, or at least, not entirely).  This run is in Shubie Park, where I’ve still never had the chance to run.