from Air Force News: Last Terry Fox Run in Kandahar

I’m a sucker for stories about the Terry Fox Run (somebody very close to me being a cancer survivor) and for stories about Kandahar (from working at an air base for a couple of years now).  Here’s a story about both of these things from the RCAF Public Affairs news feed.

Although preparations began very early, by the time the last runner finished, the temperature had climbed to 36 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteer organizers, the event proceeded without a hitch.

“The fact that [troops in Kandahar] organize and participate in the Terry Fox Run in circumstances that are less than ideal is reason enough to celebrate this unique and memorable fundraising effort,” said Breeda McClew, the interim international director of the Terry Fox Foundation. “It is the spirit in which our Canadian troops come together, with other nations, in order to contribute to Terry’s dream that reminds us all of the lasting influence of his Marathon of Hope.”

Well done, chaps!  Can’t wait until you’re all out of Afghanistan.